The Road to Ever After

A boy, a dog and a Christmassy adventure: this festive fantasy ticks all the right boxes. It’s nearly Christmas in Brownvale, but it doesn’t feel much like it. Nothing can break the dispirited gloom of this washed-up town. Parson Fall and his iron rules hold the entire place hostage. He doesn’t allow singing (not even hymns), or any fun at all. But one kid, Davy David, has a way of shaking things up. And one stray dog, George, is about to force Davy into action. Enter Miss Flint: an elderly recluse who has planned one last mission in life. Who better than Davy and George to escort her…?

  • A magical festive story about friendship and discovery
  • Truly outstanding writing which is winning rave reviews
  • By the acclaimed author of the Blood Red Road trilogy
  • Blood Red Road won the Costa Children’s Book Award

“This book is like a warm hug during dangerous times. An ideal book to put in a stocking for Christmas Day.” Serendipity Reviews

“A beautifully written story, full of memorable characters and scenes, and the sense that life can be wonderful if you follow the right road.” Books for Keeps

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  • Awards

    Moira Young won the Costa Children’s Book Award, Coventry Inspiration Award and the French Le Prix des Incorruptibles for Blood Red Road.

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