The Runaway Pea

It’s time for tea, but one pesky pea has decided to ping himself off the plate. Now he’s rolling away, in search of a party! Follow this rogue pea as he shoots, flings and bounces himself across the kitchen. Will he find the fun he dreams of – or is the kitchen a scarier place than he thought?

  • A quirky rhyming caper by the best-loved Kjartan Poskitt
  • Kjartan writes the Murderous Maths and Agatha Parrot books
  • A teatime treat for fans of Supertato and Ten Fat Sausages
  • Adorably funny artwork featuring lots of healthy veggies

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  • Photo of Kjartan Poskitt

    Kjartan Poskitt

    Kjartan lives in York with his wife and four children. He regularly performs at venues all over the country.


    Winner of the 2012 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head.

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