The Secret Hen House Theatre

“This is a farm, not a theatre,” snapped Hannah’s dad. “Now get out of that mud, girl.”

Since the death of her mother, Hannah’s family life has been chaotic. Ignored by their dad, who is absorbed by grief and by the challenges of running their dilapidated farm, Hannah and her brothers and sisters are left to fend for themselves. While the younger kids run riot and the farm falls to rack and ruin, Hannah wants to do something special – something that connects her to her theatre-loving mum. So she decides to write and stage a play in the overgrown hen house in a remote corner of the farm. But when the farm is threatened with demolition, the drama suddenly turns real. As Hannah hatches a bold plan to save her family’s home and livelihood, who can she trust? And what will happen when her dad finds out?

“Absolutely delightful… I read it in two sittings.” Kate Agnew, Ham & High

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  • loved it

    This was a heart warming, emotional story that really got me into the character’s shoes. A massive well done to the author who helped me to find some magnificent words like solopsistic and serendipity!

    11 May 2015

  • loved it

    I love love loved this book. Amazing. Brillant. Fab. So many words to describe this book. Just ♥♥♥♥♥ The sequal is great to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 April 2015

  • I totaly love hannah I was so sorry that her mum died this is a really great book , about a young girl who writes a play for her dead mum, every one should read this book

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    I loved this Book it has a brilliant story-line and i found it impossible to put down!!! I think all girls agred 10-13 should read this book they’ll all love it!!! :)

    19 August 2012

  • okay

    The Secret Hen House Theatre is an amazing book. There are lots of different genres you can put it under like spies when she does things behind her dads back, mystery because she no one knows what will happen next and romance which I find is very strange. The main character Hannah has to focus on her dream, even if no one believes in her. Each character has their one personality and feelings so it is a challenge to keep track of who’s who. Usually stories are based on one thing but this book finishes the main story but carries on, this intrigued me. What made the book special was how there were many different parts which the author managed to fit together. I like this book because it is different to the others I have read, it is not like others so I love it that bit extra.

    Megan, age 10

    16 July 2012

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