The Secret Rescuers #1: The Storm Dragon

A magical fantasy kingdom. A cuddly rescue mission. See the world from a dragon’s back! A legend is beginning. A new series with all the magic and gallantry of King Arthur’s tales. (But much cuter.) What would you do if a cuddly little dragon crashed from the sky like a comet and fell at your feet? It’s just happened to Sophy. Even more amazing, she can talk to him! But this little chap needs to go home to his dragon family pronto. He’s in danger. Evil Sir Fitzroy wants to destroy the kingdom’s magical beasts. Now Sophy must leave her job as a royal castle maid, and soar into a sparkling fantasy quest…

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  • Sophy Williams

    Sophy Williams was short-listed for the Mother Goose Award for her first book, ‘When Grandma Came’ by Jill Paton-Walsh, and since then has illustrated numerous other celebrated titles. She lives near Bath with her husband and two sons. ‘[Sophy] knows how to create atmosphere and drama . . . masterly’ – Mother Goose Award Panel.

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