The Selection #5: The Crown

Bring on the handsome boys! 35 suitors. One lucky fella. The tough dilemma: how to pick him out? Dripping with jewels and hotties, now it’s a girl’s turn to find The One! Princess Eadlyn’s life = total envy. Her future holds a crown – and a handsome prince. The only problem: too many handsome princes! How will she ever find the perfect one? Luckily, Eadlyn has The Selection. (Blind Date for royals – but a lot more gorgeous.) But can you really find your soulmate on reality TV? Her mind says one thing. Her heart says another…

  • The final swoonsome book in this blockbusting series
  • Big frocks, broken hearts and (hopefully) true love
  • Blind Date meets The Hunger Games: the ultimate matchmaking contest
  • “Reality TV meets dystopian fairy tale” – Kiersten White

This book contains mature content.

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