The Songbird Café Girls #1: Mollie Cinnamon is Not a Cupcake

Devoured The Chocolate Box Girls? Rattling an empty box? No worries. It’s cake o’clock. Welcome to a sweetie-pie new series all about journeys, cake and besties. Even better, it’s set on a totally cute little Irish island. Plus, it’s full of teen bothers that can only be solved with cake. (Always the best cure for any dilemma.) Problem one: will Mollie ever find a place to call home? She’s stuck on a tiny island with her great-grandma while her mum travels the world filming a TV show. Mollie is soooo bored it’s untrue. Until she makes friends with Sunny and Alanna at the Songbird Cafe… Uplifting, sweet and unbelievably gorgeous. Start scouring Google for islands for sale near you.

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