The Star of Kazan

A grand and sweeping adventure set in 19th century Austria, from veteran author Eva Ibbotson. In the romantic city of Vienna, twelve-year-old foundling Annika lives contentedly, learning the art of pastry-making under the affectionate eyes of the two servant-women who fostered her as a baby. But when she inherits a trunk of costume jewellery, the mysterious and majestic Edeltraut von Tannenberg appears. Claiming to be Annika’s aristocratic mother, she takes her away to live in a strangely decrepit rural mansion. At first, Annika is enthralled by the sophisticated stranger. But it’s not long before she finds herself embroiled in a morass of secrets, rife with danger…

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  • loved it

    I loved this book. Once I got into it I couldn’t put it down!

    22 July 2017

  • loved it

    Soooooo good

    24 February 2017

  • loved it

    This is one of my favourite book. It has an intricate and intriguing plot, amazing characters and lots of twists and turns, it will keep you captivated all the way through.

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    It was really good. I loved it!

    3 March 2013

  • Great book, another fabulous book from Eva Ibbotson. It is a really enchanting tale and i couldn’t put it down. It is really well written and the characters come to life. Great read for ages 12+

    3 March 2012

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  • Photo of Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson is the award-winning author of many books including Journey to the River Sea.


    Eva has twice been awarded the Smarties Book Prize, for Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan, and was awarded the Independent Bookseller’s Book Prize for One Dog and His Boy in 2012.

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