The Tickle Test

Fancy yourself as a tickle expert? Put it to the test in a story to tickle your ribs! Have you ever been tickled and managed not to laugh? It’s super-hard, isn’t it? We all know that being tickled can be testing. But being an expert tickler is kind of tricky, too! The brave mouse in this story is about to join the Tickle Squad. But will his tickling skills be up to scratch? If you tickle a giraffe, he’ll laugh. If you tickle a bear, he rolls everywhere. An octopus is a challenge, especially if you aim for all his eight armpits. But what happens when you tickle a crocodile? SNAP!

  • An adorably cute story bursting with ticklish humour
  • Imaginative rhyming text which is great to read aloud
  • Artwork by the illustrator of Harry and the Dinosaurs
  • A witty look at how various animals like to be tickled

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  • Awards

    Adrian won the Sheffield Children’s Book Prize for Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, and has won the Red House award twice for Who’s in the Loo? and Bottoms Up!, both written by Jeanne Willis.

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