The Tree House That Jack Built

Rhyming paradise. This book is like going on a tropical holiday, and finding your best ever play space. And turning it all into a rhyme. Jack is a boy who, up in a tree, builds a house overlooking the sea. And what a magical place it is! It’s got ladders, swings, turrets and slides. Parrots and monkeys run through the branches. Beautiful flowers grow beside it. And the sea views are immense. Join Jack on a play date you’ll never want to go home from. Pure magic: a dreamworld of marvels and rhymes.

  • A beautiful picture book set in a tropical paradise
  • Irresistible rhyming text perfect for reading aloud
  • Vivid, detailed artwork by top illustrator Mark Teague
  • “A delight for incipient Robinson Crusoes” – Booklist

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  • Mark Teague

    Mark Teague is one of America’s most celebrated author / illustrators. His titles have been delighting children for over fifteen years. He lives in New York with his wife and their two young daughters.


    Mark Teague’s awards include a Christopher Medal for How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?.

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