The War Next Door

How do you beat a bully? Courage is good. Brains are great. But circus skills are like a bully-destroying missile! Jemima has just moved next door to horrible Masher. He loves beating people up. She loves riding her unicycle. They both HATE each other. It’s war! Nobody on Storey Street has ever dared stand up to Masher. But you don’t get to swing from a trapeze or walk on a tightrope without having nerves (and muscles) of steel. Jemima isn’t scared of Masher. But HE ought to be scared of her. How do you beat a rival who can swing from the trees, walk through thin air and throw custard pies like a pro?

  • New from the author of Demolition Dad and Being Billy
  • Laugh-out-loud tale of rivalry with a fun circus twist
  • Perfect for fans of Tom Gates and David Walliams
  • Phil Earle has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal

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  • Awards

    Winner of the weRead Book Award for Being Billy.

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