The White Fox #1: White Fox

Feel the bite of an Arctic winter in this beautifully illustrated tale of a young fox and a magical moonstone. One day, a young white fox called Dilah comes home to find his mother gravely injured by assassins. Before she dies, she tells him about a treasure with the power to make animals human. The clues to its location are hidden in a moonstone buried under their den. The first clue could hardly be closer – yet wicked blue foxes are hunting for the treasure too. Now Dilah must reach it first, in a deadly race against time where he’s joined by a friendly seal, an ancient tortoise and a fierce leopard. Every moment is precious. Can he stay one step ahead?

  • First in a hugely popular, bestselling Chinese series
  • Glorious animal fiction set in the dazzling Arctic
  • A must for fans of Redwall and Podkin One Ear
  • Filled with beautifully atmospheric illustrations

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