The Witch of Turlingham Academy Pack

The Worst Witch meets The Chocolate Box Girls in this blockbusting series. School, spells and forbidden friendship. We’re bewitched! As the only day girl at Turlingham Academy, Sophie misses all the midnight feasts and late-night gossip. And when new girl Katy turns up, it feels as if she’s casting a spell on all of Sophie’s friends. Katy’s no witch, but according to her, there is a witch at Turlingham. She ought to know; she comes from a long line of witch hunters who stamp out dark magic. So Sophie agrees to help her track down the witch. Trouble is, she has no idea that the witch is her...

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  • loved it

    It was good but I only read the first half

    12 June 2014

  • loved it

    Amazing books the best books in the world It makes you feel magic :]

    5 May 2014

  • Oh, yes! I have read the second book in this series! Good Read! Sophie is a very naïve character!

    2 April 2014

  • I think its quite interesting, especially how Sophie is so naive.

    9 March 2014

  • rubbish

    I loved these series. It includes comedy, romance, adventure and so much more. They are my fave series of all time and I have read a LOT of books! It’s a must have! I hope Ellie does a sixth book as it is so brilliant!

    2 February 2014

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