The Wizards of Once #3: The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times

Third time lucky? Xar and Wish need all the luck they can get! Most of us never fight a war against evil magic. Xar and Wish have done it not once but twice – and now they face a third quest. They’re being hunted by Wizards, and by Warriors, and by Witches. And yet again, they face an absurdly impossible task. Up above, in the treetops, cruel Witches sharpen their talons in readiness. Worst of all, Xar and Wish must confront the frightful Nuckalavee. This hideous critter makes everything else they’ve faced look like a picnic. But with the power of Magic and Iron together, they will prevail. Won’t they?

  • By the new Children’s Laureate, Cressida Cowell
  • Electrifying fantasy that simply fizzes with magic
  • Cressida is the author of How to Train Your Dragon
  • The Wizards of Once won the 2018 Blue Peter Prize

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  • Photo of Cressida Cowell

    Cressida Cowell

    Cressida Cowell is the author of the bestselling Hiccup the Viking books, and many picture books including the award-winning Emily Brown series.


    Cressida Cowell has won many major awards including the Nestles Smarties Prize for This Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown and the Blue Peter Book Award for The Wizards of Once. In July 2019 she was named Children’s Laureate 2019-2021.

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