The World of Norm #9: May Still Be Charged

Your own phone? Great. Your own mega bill? Not quite so awesome. Norm is having a normal kind of day. Like: in deep trouble and grounded before he even gets up! The prince of complaints is a moan a minute at the best of times. (And we’ll pay to listen.) But now he’s run up a phone bill the size of a double decker bus! His parents will ruin his ENTIRE LIFE if he can’t pay it. Which is how Norm ends up going into business with the world’s most annoying next-door neighbour…

  • By Time Out award-winning comedian Jonathan Meres
  • Harry Hill describes this series as “hilarious stuff”
  • Over 150,000 World of Norm books sold to date
  • Great if you like Big Nate or the Wimpy Kid

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    Jonathan Meres

    Jonathan Meres has worked as an ice-cream van driver and a stand-up comedian but now he’s the bestselling author of The World of Norm books!


    Winner of the 2012 Scottish Children’s Book Award (younger readers) for World of Norm: May Contain Nuts.

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