Thea Stilton: Mouseford Academy Pack x 6

Midnight feasts, hi-jinks, dormies and secrets. Malory Towers with cheddar on top. Love school stories? Then you’ll adore this squeaktastic new series full of colour pictures, giggles and drama. Meet five furry best friends – Pamela, Colette, Nicky, Violet and Paulina – who have enrolled at the historic Mouseford Academy. They’re seriously lucky girls! Not only will they train to become expert journalists under the eye of the famouse Thea Stilton, but they’ll be caught up in all sorts of cool adventures. Don’t miss a single moment. Get these books in your paws and follow the fun from the very start.

  • An exciting new series from the world of Geronimo Stilton
  • Full of adventure, humour and fantastic colour artwork
  • Fun text design with highlighted words to boost vocabulary
  • Best-loved series which quickly builds reading confidence

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