Thea Stilton - Mouseford Academy #2: The Missing Diary

Midnight feasts, secrets and diaries read by torchlight… A classic mouse school adventure. We adore Mouseford Academy. It’s rather like Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers, but with theatrical mice. Now the Thea Sisters and their friends have decided to start a school newspaper. But then Colette’s diary goes missing, and sports reporter Nicky witnesses a suspicious finish during the Iron Mouse Games. Can the Thea Sisters solve these mysteries and make their deadline for their paper?

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  • loved it

    Interesting lost and found!

    14 October 2015

  • loved it

    I love thea stilton books they are so interesting they make u just wanna sit down forever and read read read !!!!!!

    10 December 2014

  • i want to read this book from scholastic book club

    28 July 2014

  • este libro pienso que me entretenera mucho en mi casa y el colegio.

    14 March 2014

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