Thelma the Unicorn

Your own unicorn for Christmas! (Well, almost…) With a pretty glittery cover! You’ll adore this laugh-out-loud rhyme about loving who you are – even if you don’t have sparkles. Thelma is a pony who dreams of being a unicorn. Maybe you know how she feels. Maybe you’ve dreamed of being special too. When Thelma’s wish comes true (hurray!), at first she loves being famous. But although pretty pink Thelma is sweet as sugar, the fans chasing her are not…

  • Hilarious story about being happy as you are
  • By the prize-winning creator of Pig the Pug
  • Simple rhymes and pretty glitter on the cover
  • Explores the perils of fame in a funny way

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  • Awards

    Aaron Blabey won the Children’s Book Council Australia Book of the Year Award for picture book Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley.

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