There's a Giraffe in My Soup

A giraffe. An alligator!! A lion!! What should you do when your soup tries to eat you? Waiter! Waiter! A little boy has a BIG problem. He’s in a restaurant, having his dinner – but there’s a giraffe in his soup. The giraffe is rather large, and flopping out all over the table. That won’t do at all, will it? So the waiter brings another bowl of soup. What flavour is it? Chicken soup? Leek soup? Mushroom soup? Nope – there’s an alligator in it! This dinner is turning out to be rather dangerous. What other surprises does the soup have in store?

  • A super-silly picture book full of madcap surprises
  • A Parents Magazine Best Children’s Book of 2016
  • The debut book of talented storyteller Ross Burach
  • Perfect for fans of Jon Klassen and Oliver Jeffers

“Lively and quirky, Burach’s first picture-book outing aims to send kids into fits of giggles. A zany read-aloud book for the youngest of diners.” Kirkus

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