This is the Bear

A lovely story that helps you read with simple repeated rhymes. A little lost teddy bear needs to be found, with help from his best friends! This is a cosy tale of bears, friends and big adventures. It might seem very simple, but its catchy rhymes totally stick in your mind. Which is exactly why it’s great at helping you read. Once you know how the verses sound, it’s really easy to start reading them. ‘This is the bear who fell in the bin. This is the dog who pushed him in. This is the man who picked up the sack…’ See what we mean?

  • A classic rhyming story for little ones to join in with
  • Helps to build very early reading and listening skills
  • Touching theme of a boy on the search for his teddy
  • Very memorable text that children can learn by heart

“Although the book wasn’t written specifically to teach children to read, its rhyming, repetitive language with easy-to-read speech bubbles makes it ideal.” Guardian

“An all-involving tale beautifully told.” Independent

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