Time Travelling with a Hamster

A glorious debut from a bright new voice in fiction. Laugh, cry and wonder at this race-against-time story. Al Chaudhury is going back to the 1980s! Nope: we’re not talking about some kind of retro musical journey. We mean for real, on an urgent rescue mission. In a time-machine – with a fluffy hamster in tow! Al’s father has died. But when Al finds his dad’s time machine, he knows he can still save his life. Still, going back to the 1980s takes brains and guts. It also takes lies, burglary, setting his school on fire, and meeting his dad as a kid…

  • This imaginative debut novel is causing a huge stir
  • Prepare to fall in love Al and his hamster Alan Shearer
  • Fantastic reviews – this book is an absolute winner
  • “Extremely clever and totally engaging” – Irish Times

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    Winner of the Awesome Book Award for Time Travelling with a Hamster.

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