Time for Colouring Pack x 4

Say hello to colouring! The perfect holiday entertainment: laid-back fun that you can take pretty much anywhere. It’s relaxing, entertaining and creative. Best of all, you can make it as simple or hard as you like. Great for: chilling out at home. Keeping busy on rainy days. Staging cool challenges: who can do the best picture? Making DIY posters to give your room a fresh look. No wonder colouring books have shaken off their ‘little kid’ image – even grown-ups are going mad for them now. So here’s a little warning: your parents might love this pack even more than you do. Guard it well!

  • Hours of holiday fun in a bumper colouring pack
  • Great way to keep busy and try different art materials
  • Beautiful pictures of lovely things, from owls to cupcakes
  • The Clever Kids’ Colouring Book even has fun puzzles!

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