Tintin Young Readers: The Crab with the Golden Claws

Into comics? Dreaming of big adventures? Here’s an idea: go exploring with Tintin. He’s one of the world’s top travelling reporters, with an eye for a mystery and a nose for solving crimes. Now Tintin is in the Saraha desert, trying to solve a mystery involving a drowned sailor, counterfeit coins and a ship full of opium. Aboard the good ship Karaboudjan, Tintin is introduced to Captain Haddock for the first time. But soon the new friends are in danger – facing a thirsty death in the desert…

  • A classic Tintin story written and illustrated by famous cartoonist Hergé
  • Simple and colourful graphic novel which is perfect for younger readers
  • Tintin is one of the most iconic and timeless characters in comic fiction
  • Includes bonus material about the Tintin series, author and characters

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