Top Elf

Would YOU apply for a job as Santa: squeezing down chimneys, riding reindeer and racing runaway sleighs…? It’s a battle for the top job in Christmas! Santa has rocked the North Pole with a surprise announcement: he’s decided to retire from his Big Red Suit. So he’s inviting applications from anyone – kid or elf – who wants Santa’s job. The Santa Trials have begun! Elves Ollie and Celia think they’re ready for a life of delivering toys, sweet-talking rowdy reindeer and eating cruel amounts of milk and cookies. But only one elf can rise to the top…

  • A hilarious Christmas adventure by a brand-new talent
  • The Hunger Games meets Elf in a North Pole mission!
  • Caleb Zane Huett is a playwright and indie bookseller
  • “Lots of laughs and wild twists” – Publishers Weekly

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