Truly Madly Awkward

Oopsie! Bella’s the goddess of digging big holes for herself. Quick: somebody throw her a rope! Right now, our favourite Queen of Awkward is in a pit so deep it pretty much reaches Down Under. Her fledgling relationship with Hot Adam has stalled. (As in, he isn’t speaking to her.) Something is up with the best-friend thing she had with Tegan and Rachel. Plus – horror of horrors – her ex Luke now has an ACTUAL MODEL as his new girlfriend. Is he missing her? Yeah, right! Obviously, what Bella needs in her life just now is to dress up as a dog to promote Mum’s new doggy ice cream parlour, Give a Dog a Cone. Seriously – what? Give a girl a break, more like!!!

  • The hilarious return of Bella Fisher, queen of cringes
  • A fabulously fresh and funny take on modern teendom
  • Think Bridget Jones’s Diary for the Instagram generation
  • Perfect if you like Geek Girl or Louise Rennison’s books

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