Underworlds: The Battle Begins

There’s something lurking under Owen’s school…

Owen Brown is your average fourth grader. Or he was – until his best friend, Dana, disappeared. Right in front of his face. Through the floor of the school. Now Owen’s average life has turned upside down. He’s determined to find Dana before anyone realises she’s missing. But that means going to the Underworld, battling mythical monsters to save her. As Owen sets out on his mysterious rescue mission with his friends Jon and Sydney, what none of them know is that Dana’s disappearance is part of a much larger riddle. And they’re at the centre of it.

“A quest just right for readers on the cusp of Percy Jackson.” Kirkus

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  • Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott is the author of more than thirty funny novels for young readers. Since childhood he has been drawn to stories that challenge the imagination, and, like Eric, Julie, and Neal, he often dreamed of finding doors that open to other worlds. Now that he is older, he thinks he may have discovered some of those doors. He calls them books.

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