Underworlds: When Monsters Escape

The underworld is in our world now…

Owen, Jon and Sydney have rescued Dana from the underworld. But if they don’t fulfill their end of the bargain with Hades, she might be headed back – forever. As if that wasn’t bad enough, some very creepy one-eyed mythological beasts are on the loose. Cyclopes have taken over the power plant in Pinewood Bluffs! Owen and his friends must stop them before they destroy the town. But what chance do four kids stand against an army of mythological monsters?

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  • Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott is the author of more than thirty funny novels for young readers. Since childhood he has been drawn to stories that challenge the imagination, and, like Eric, Julie, and Neal, he often dreamed of finding doors that open to other worlds. Now that he is older, he thinks he may have discovered some of those doors. He calls them books.

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