Usborne Beginners: The Stone Age

Cave homes. Woolly mammoths. Was the Stone Age a fun time to live? Find out. Guess what people started using in the Stone Age. Yep – you guessed it. Stones! All sorts of stones: sharp stones, blunt stones, flat stones, bumpy stones. But what on earth for? Well: Stone Age people used stone to make bows and arrows for hunting. They lived in cave homes made of stone, and stood up huge stones in circles. But they also made wooden canoes, clothes from animal skins and paintings with their hand-prints. Plus, they could see huge woolly elephant things without having to go to the zoo!

  • Exciting first facts from a bestselling series
  • Explores ancient history in a very simple way
  • Colour pictures and photos of Stone Age artefacts
  • Perfect non-fiction for beginner solo readers

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