We Share Everything!

It’s the first day of school, and Jeremiah and Amanda are fighting over toys. That’s when the teacher says, “Now, look! We share everything!” So Amanda and Jeremiah set out to share everything: “Let’s share our shoes!” Jeremiah is delighted with his new pink girl shoes and his new pink girl pants. Soon all the kids in the class are sharing EVERYTHING too! “Who said you could share your clothes?” cries the teacher. “Now, look!” say Amanda and Jeremiah. “We share everything!” A funny look at an essential childhood lesson.

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    Robert Munsch

    Robert Munsch took a circuitous route to writing children’s books: he spent seven years training as a Jesuit priest, then worked in an orphanage till settling into being a child day care worker. It was in this final job that he discovered a gift for storytelling – but it still took a few years to write his first official book. Since then, Robert has never looked back and is most famous for books like The Paper Bag Princess. He was born in the USA and now lives in Canada.


    Robert Munsch was the American Booksellers’ Author of the Year in 1991 and received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2009!

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