What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras? A Math Adventure

Follow the young Pythagoras on an illustrated fictional journey that leads him from Samos to Alexandria, and the discovery of his famous triangle theorum! Pythagoras is just an inquisitive young boy when he travels with his father to Alexandria, and meets a builder who introduces him to the right angle. All of a sudden, he is noticing triangles everywhere – in the sails of boats, the roofs of houses, and even the folds of clothes! But will he be able to decipher the secret of the triangle? This exciting and beautifully illustrated picture book creates a vivid human story around the figure of Pythagoras, while clearly explaining the maths behind his famous theorum.

“The cartoon illustrations capture the dress, homes, and sailing ships in a warm and clear palette. Ellis includes delightful puns for those who are keen on wordplay… This clear and interesting explanation of the theorem is a wonderful read.” School Library Journal

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