Where, Oh Where, is Rosie's Chick?

Just as beautiful and witty as the original. Rosie is back, but where is Mr Fox? Look behind you, Rosie! Do you remember Rosie’s Walk? It was a picture book in the true sense: one where the patterned folk-style artwork told the real story. (All about a hungry fox having a very bad day.) Well, now Rosie is back, along with her newly hatched chick. The trouble is, so is that pesky fox! While Rosie hunts for her missing chick, the fox is busy hunting down Rosie. But – crash! splat! ouch! – we’re guessing he’ll regret it…

  • A sequel to the timeless classic Rosie’s Walk
  • Revisits the classic story with a funny new twist
  • Full of beautiful artwork, humour, danger and drama
  • Helps to teach concepts of direction and location

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  • Awards

    Pat won the Kate Greenaway Award in 1974 for The Wind Blew.

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