Who Ate the Cake?

Crumbs! Where’s the cake? It’s gone, and Bob the dog is getting blamed. Only Bob knows who REALLY ate it. But how can he ever (woof) explain? Bob the dog has a problem. A nasty, flapping problem with a massive beak. The family’s precious belongings keep going missing. Who do they blame? BOB. If only he could tell them the truth: that a pesky pelican is hiding all the objects in its beak! Until then, Bob will just have to find away to get back at that horrible pelican on his own…

  • A hoot of a picture book from rising star Kate Leake
  • A witty and madcap story starring a loveable mutt
  • Kate is the creator of Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe
  • She also did artwork for Never Say No to a Princess

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