Wizards of Waverly Place: Locker of Secrets

In the New York family where all the kids are wizards, sister Alex has all kinds of cool ideas for planning magical hi-jinks. They might not always work out, but they’re always entertaining – and with this fab file, you can share in the fun! There’s a secret diary where you can write in all your engagements, while checking out Alex’s ways to have a magical time! Or use your destiny planner to find out what the stars have in store – and the party planner for spellbinding socials that your friends will never forget! Includes over 30 stickers.

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  • this is so great and I love wizards of waverly place

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    I loved this book it was great

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    it is the best book ever i love it it is now my favorite book

    28 February 2014

  • loved it

    Selena is my Idol. BTW stars dance! I need this book!

    1 June 2012

  • loved it

    mom please by my this im a crazyv selena gomez fan and im a dude

    29 October 2011

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