Lesley Sims

Books by Lesley Sims

  • Axolotl Finds a Bottle

    Axolotl Finds a Bottle

  • Frog on a Log

    Frog on a Log

  • How Elephants Lost Their Wings

    How Elephants Lost Their Wings

  • Iguana's Bananas

    Iguana's Bananas

  • Kangaroo at the Zoo

    Kangaroo at the Zoo

  • King Donkey Ears

    King Donkey Ears

  • Knight Fight

    Knight Fight

  • Mole in a Hole

    Mole in a Hole

  • Seal at the Wheel

    Seal at the Wheel

  • Shark in the Park

    Shark in the Park

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

  • Spider in a Glider

    Spider in a Glider

  • The Reluctant Dragon

    The Reluctant Dragon

  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    'Twas the Night Before Christmas

  • Weasels with Measles

    Weasels with Measles