All reviews for Journey to the River Sea

  1. this book looks interesting???

    16 March 2010

  2. liked it

    Journey To The River Sea was definately a Jaw-dropping book! I understand that some people found parts a little boring but i found you had to be in the right mood and motivate yourself to get to the next chapter. The style of writing needed a little adjusting too so you couldnt just pick it up and put it down like you can with some books. Once you have given it a good go i asure you, you will find it very original. An underestimated book which should be given more credit! This book left me reeling for the sequel :) x

    22 February 2010

  3. loved it

    The story is very gripping, emotional and exciting. Though some parts are very boring but at the end everything fits in like a puzzle! I would reccomend it for the age group 9-11.

    25 December 2009

  4. not for me

    I really did’nt like this book. I couldn’t get into it, I go for books I can get into. Not for me really.

    14 July 2009

  5. okay

    I am up to Chapter 9 in this book and so far, the story hasn’t been that good. It has been slightly boring and the characters are not as alive as they could be! The story is based around a girl, who goes to live with her aunty and uncle in Brazil. The story could definitely be improved. However, I have not read it all yet, so my opinion may change nearer the end!

    6 June 2009

  6. loved it

    Absolutely FAB! I loved the way that at the end, all the mysteries kind of – mixed together! At the end of each chapter, you wanted to read on!

    12 November 2008

  7. not for me

    Journey to the River Sea was just not the book for me I couldn’t get into it but a bunch of other people I know loved it so I think you should give it a try!

    2 October 2008

  8. loved it

    I loved this book it made me feel so grateful !

    2 October 2008