Bonkers Books: How to Make Stonehenge Out of Biscuits - A Year's Worth of Crazy Ideas!

Forget boring: you want bonkers. 365 daft activity ideas to drive you round the twist! Where should you start? Cook up your own invisible ink, take a lesson in the game of limbo, or dust surfaces for intruders’ fingerprints. Write your own detective story in honour of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday, or – nutty but nice – build Stonehenge out of biscuits. Packed with funny ways to destroy even the faintest whiff of boredom, this is a total sanity saver which every kid should own!

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  • Really interesting, saves you from boredom.

    9 March 2014

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  • Tracey Turner

    Tracey Turner previously worked as senior commissioning editor at Scholastic. Now she has gone freelance to pursue a writing career. She has written Vile Files, A-Zs series and Dead Famous: Writers for Scholastic.

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    Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award for Fintan Fedora.

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