Bonkers Books: Think of a Link - How to Remember Absolutely Everything

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia – because they’re brasiliant at football! Russia is the world’s biggest country… and if you Russia lot, you’ll get there first! Want to impress all your friends with your knowledge, amaze your parents and make your teachers gasp? Memorise a frenzy of incredible facts when you think of a link! From the home of children’s humour, this book is packed with wicked ways to remember tons of totally impressive stuff. Have fun mastering dates, names, facts, stats and other memory feats, in a guidebook stuffed with hilarious jokes, crazy cartoons and handy weblinks.

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  • Helps you to improve your memory

    9 March 2014

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    This books helps you to improve your memory by linking words with things. It works too!

    6 March 2013

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